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At ConvergeSol, we have a different mindset behind hiring a fresh talent as we believe that we rise by lifting others. So, we feel that hunting a talent from the campus the best way to bring a passionate developer within you to the world.

After all, a passionate coder is the one who can overcome all the roadblocks and solve the real world problems of our clients to make their life easy. Typically, our clients are associated with the financial industry. So, if you’re looking to work closely with some top notch financial brands then ConvergeSol is the best place for you.

Why to start your career with ConvergeSol?

  • Internship: We strongly believe that college life programs and real life challenges are totally different. So, our team will make you understand how the real world problems are solved and will groom you as a shadow resource under senior developer.
  • Friendly work culture: We have a very friendly and supportive work culture at ConvergeSol as helping each other will solve the problems and learn new things. So, when you stuck somewhere you can easily get assistance from concerned person.
  • Employee friendly HR policies: Our standard HR policies remain same even if you’re an Intern or working as a part of management team as we believe that treating everyone at same level makes feel comfortable at work environment.
  • Rewards: We value your contribution towards organization and we do not hesitate to give you an appreciation and reward in front of our team. After all, it not just motivate you but also motivates entire team to perform exceptionally well.

What else you want part from this? Come, Join us!

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