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Business Problem

The client aimed to boost user engagement and support efficiency by adding a chatbot to their web portal. They encountered multiple challenges with manual chat support, which are outlined below.
  • Existing manual chat support not effectively engaging users or fails to provide satisfactory responses, resulting in low user adoption and usage.
  • Lacks the necessary features and capabilities to address user queries or fulfill their needs, limiting its effectiveness and usefulness.
  • Lacks robust analytics and reporting capabilities, making it challenging to measure its performance, identify areas for improvement, and track user behavior.
  • The development and maintenance of the existing support exceed the budget, causing financial challenges.

Our Solution

  • ConvergeSol helped the client to revolutionize Customer Experience by building Automated Chatbot using the Amazon Lex V2 service.
  • The Automated Chatbot is a web based platform which gives the client the capabilities to leverage.
    • Cost-effective alternative for the web portal in comparison to the expenditure associated with hiring and training additional support personnel.
    • Provide instant, accurate responses to queries, eliminating wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience.
    • Swiftly accessing information from a knowledge base, chatbot guarantee prompt and precise responses, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
    • Ability to engage with customers by asking pertinent questions and offering solutions that align with their individual needs.
  • Our team has successfully developed an administrative interface that simplifies the process of adding new clients. This interface includes a comprehensive functionality that enables the addition of a new bot, which can be seamlessly assigned to a client.
  • The interface includes features to track interaction count, generate downloadable reports, and view conversation history.
  • The manager interface solely grants access to view the interaction report and the conversation history.

Project Screenshots

Business Benefits

  • The round-the-clock customer support feature ensured that customers could receive assistance anytime, even outside regular business hours. This availability enhanced customer experience.
  • Implementing automated customer interactions has minimized the need for extensive staff training in customer support, leading to substantial cost savings.
  • Immediate customer query responses has improved satisfaction and elevated the overall experience by eliminating queue wait times and the need for available support personnel.
  • The platform provided a feature that allows administrator to view user's interaction history, enabled them to track and analyze their previous interactions.
  • The platform can handle a high volume of concurrent conversations, allowing businesses to scale their customer support without significant resource investments.
  • The platform capture valuable user data, which can be analyzed to gain insights into customer preferences, behavior, and trends.
  • Our expertise in facilitating platform scalability and disciplined release management led the client to acknowledge us as a trusted and capable partner.

Technology Stack

.Net Core
C Sharp
C Sharp
MS SQL Server
Amazon Lex V2
Amazon Lex V2

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