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Business Problem

  • Creating an integration that would pull data over from their ERP System.
  • Customizing the sales process by creating a space for collaboration as well as a standardized process for quoting based on the opportunity type.
  • Creating a fully customizable forecasting tool for the client.

Our Solution

  • Commercient was able to push the data into custom tables. Also, a custom SQL query was written to pull over complex pricing structures. Levering the CPQ price rules were able to query these custom matrix in order to efficiently quote in Salesforce.
  • We were able to leverage Visualforce components, validation rules, and the sales path to create a standardized selling process in the sales cloud.
  • We created a customized forecasting tool that allows the client to have insight into: product categories, product families, the products that roll up under each family, and the products that roll up under the categories.
  • Implemented Pardot and utilized the marketing automation tool within

Business Benefits

  • We were able to successfully build a complex solutions that takes data being pushed from the clients ERP system to Salesforce. Once in the Salesforce ecosystem we have been able to standardize the quote process, create complex quotes, and create reports that allow us to have more insight into the companies products. Also, we have created a customizable forecasting tool that allows the company insight as the big picture or as granular as they would like to see.
  • Implemented website tracking to capture potential prospect data on website visits
  • Built form handlers to map form data into pardot and collect prospect information
  • Form handlers allow the client to keep their existing form structure, styling, and behavior while integrating the information into pardot
  • Built a custom newsletter email template
  • Built a custom landing page for Otto Events
  • Built a custom form for Event Signups
  • Created different static and dynamic lists so the client can segment groups of prospects
  • Created automation rules so that prospects are pushed to salesforce when a certain score is reached

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