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One of the largest single family offices that specializes in managing estates for one of the wealthiest individual

About The Product

It's a client portal with data visualization for wealth management. Using this, the client was able to electronically create, manage, and distribute information to all of its stakeholders. This product developed by using Microsoft technologies like SharePoint for seamless use.

Business Problem

Client is managing one of the Forbes billionaire’s estates with staff that manages finance, accounting and various properties around the world. The client did not have an infrastructure to distribute information, activities, and reports electronically. They were still using manual print and show process to present reports. Specifically the client was challenged with: Electronic delivery of financial reports, news, events, benefits, links etc. Workflow processes associated with publishing documents electronically Application and data security Managing historical data requirements Role based access control


Our specialized knowledge of the enterprise content management, unique workflows in the wealth management industry, and leveraging reusable assets allowed us to quickly assemble a talented team of designers, developers, testers and project managers that delivered the project in record time from start to finish. We were able to build customizations specifically around the display & role based access control requirements using Microsoft SharePoint API using C# and .NET framework.

Technology Used

Business Benefits

The biggest win for the client was ability to electronically create, manage and distribute information to all of its stakeholders. The underlying use of Microsoft SharePoint made it seamless for the client to integrate the portal with other in-house systems that were using Microsoft technologies. Understand connections between operations and results Interact with data Rapid identification of latest trends Visualized data is processed faster

About ConvergeSol

ConvergeSol is a premier industry-focused technology consulting company that specializes in providing outsourcing services for the financial services industry and Small / Medium Enterprises. Our offerings include:
  • Custom Software Development TabCustom Software Development
  • Product/Platform Development TabProduct/Platform Development
  • Managed Services TabManaged Services

Custom Software Development

  • Automation Solutions - Data Aggregation, Data Repository, Excel Automation, Automated testing, Custom software development, CRM
  • Reporting Solutions
  • Portal Solutions - Microsoft SharePoint Solutions, Web Portals.
  • Integration and Customization Solutions – API based integration with Order Management systems, portfolio accounting systems, CRM, Workflow management, etc. for 3rd party products like Backstop, Charles River, Paladyne, Advent and Relativity.

Product/Platform Development

  • SaaS-based Product & Release Management
  • Software Development Methodology like Agile
  • Quality Assurance Solutions

Managed Services

  • Application Lifecycle Management Offerings (ALMO), a one-stop end-to-end solution perfect for organizations looking to use IT to their advantage, low touch, and lower costs
  • Operations and Support offering

We bring deep expertise in understanding your needs to be its order management system, enterprise content management, portals, account opening process or reconciliation process just to name a few areas. We complement it by our proven execution expertise across the entire software life cycle: project management, business requirement, software development, quality assurance, deployment, and support.

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