C o n v e r g e S o l



The organization is a software development company focused on providing application integration and application management software services for small-medium size businesses and the financial services industry.

About The Product

The company brings a wealth of experience in managing technology needs of the financial industry across the entire value chain for asset and wealth managers, hedge funds, family offices, banks, and Insurance. Clients trust us to deliver quality advice, solutions, and support based on our deep expertise and point of view gained over many years of experience.The application is basically integrated with a dashboard having a full view of data,a list of holdings,custom report generation with workflow and secure exchange of information through document vault.The functionalities of the product are:

Business Problem

The client was serving many of financial services firm with the singularly repeating pattern of inability to get to investment data in a single place. Add data integrity and data visualization and problem becomes insurmountable.


Our Specialized knowledge in financial services and wealth management space, data aggregation and data visualization disciplines allowed us to quickly assemble a team of UI/UX experts, architect, developers, testers and project manager who started working for the client and started understanding the workflow of the product. We fixed all the critical above-mentioned functionality like developing an application that stores customer information, interactions and analytics within a central database that users can access anywhere, anytime. Eventually, we delivered a very satisfactory result for our client in terms of Functional and Coding perspective.

Technology Used

Business Benefits

The biggest benefit this platform has provided was to reduce the time to market for financial services company like wealth managers, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and asset managers. Add to that completely hands off product delivery, management at an attractive price point based on the usage. Last but not least, the client was able to find an able partner who can help them with easy scaling of the platform along with release management discipline in SLA centric environment.

About ConvergeSol

ConvergeSol is a premier industry-focused technology consulting company that specializes in providing outsourcing services for the financial services industry and Small / Medium Enterprises. Our offerings include:
  • Custom Software Development TabCustom Software Development
  • Product/Platform Development TabProduct/Platform Development
  • Managed Services TabManaged Services

Custom Software Development

  • Automation Solutions - Data Aggregation, Data Repository, Excel Automation, Automated testing, Custom software development, CRM
  • Reporting Solutions
  • Portal Solutions - Microsoft SharePoint Solutions, Web Portals.
  • Integration and Customization Solutions – API based integration with Order Management systems, portfolio accounting systems, CRM, Workflow management, etc. for 3rd party products like Backstop, Charles River, Paladyne, Advent and Relativity.

Product/Platform Development

  • SaaS-based Product & Release Management
  • Software Development Methodology like Agile
  • Quality Assurance Solutions

Managed Services

  • Application Lifecycle Management Offerings (ALMO), a one-stop end-to-end solution perfect for organizations looking to use IT to their advantage, low touch, and lower costs
  • Operations and Support offering

We bring deep expertise in understanding your needs to be its order management system, enterprise content management, portals, account opening process or reconciliation process just to name a few areas. We complement it by our proven execution expertise across the entire software life cycle: project management, business requirement, software development, quality assurance, deployment, and support.