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Business Problem

The client engaged another development company from Chicago to customize and develop their product, and this process lasted for two years. However, the client faced several challenges preventing them from successfully launching the platform. These challenges included:
  • Dealing with the time and cost associated with customizing and developing the platform.
  • Finding a capable partner who could create, manage, and provide ongoing support for the platform, catering to the slightly different needs of various end clients.
  • Struggling with the lengthy learning curve of the development process and desiring a partner with expertise in financial services.
  • Being dissatisfied with the service level provided by the company responsible for developing the product.

Our Solution

  • ConvergeSol helped the client to build a SaaS-based Compliance Management platform on top of a third-party product called Relativity (One of the most extensive E-Discovery Software used by the top 100 Legal Entities)
  • The Functionality of the platform gives the CCO (Chief Compliance officer) and the External legal Advisor (end clients) access to all the essential Compliance Related Activities that, such as
    • Forensic Analysis to proactively monitor and mitigate Insider Trading
    • Electronic Feeds Integration with 20 Brokers like UBS, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Fidelity, Schwab
    • Document sharing
    • Restricted list, Watchlist, Gifts, Conflict of Interest
    • Trade Request Automation
    • Surveillance Reporting across sensitive supervised personnel information like trades and holdings
  • We seamlessly transitioned coding and software engineering duties to our team, including requirements gathering, design, coding, deployment, support, and enhancements.
  • With a disciplined approach to release and platform management, we smoothly upgraded the platform from Relativity v7.4 to v9.1 to v9.4 to vRelatiityOne, without disrupting existing clients.

Project Screenshots

Business Benefits

  • Our solution gave the client a significant advantage by enabling them to launch their platform in less than three months.
  • The accelerated timeline yielded speed to market and significant cost savings. Transitioning product development to our offshore center enabled cost-effective resource utilization and comprehensive support via a single point of contact.
  • The platform provided built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling clients to gain insights, track compliance performance, and generate comprehensive reports.
  • The client was able to seamlessly scale the platform from a few users to thousands of users currently supported on the platform
  • The platform enabled real-time collaboration and streamlined workflows, facilitating efficient compliance processes and reducing manual effort.
  • The platform provided robust security measures, including data encryption, regular backups, and compliance with industry standards, ensuring sensitive information is protected.
  • Our expertise in facilitating platform scalability and disciplined release management led the client to acknowledge us as a trusted and capable partner.
  • Our successful partnership fulfilled immediate needs and laid a solid foundation for their platform's long-term growth and development.

Technology Stack

.Net Core
C Sharp
C Sharp
MS SQL Server

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