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Business Problem

The client possesses a comprehensive dataset of statistics for various locations and desires to consolidate all reports and data in a single unified platform.
  • The objective is to enable the client to conveniently access and analyze data from selected locations. Additionally, the client seeks the ability to manage dynamic location endpoints, allowing users to modify them as needed rather than being constrained by static configurations.
  • The client desired a smooth integration of new locations into the reporting system for users.
  • The application should incorporate various features, including role-based permission management, two-factor authentication, and an API installer that automatically publishes on IIS.

Our Solution

  • ConvergeSol played a pivotal role in constructing a resilient platform that offers an intuitive dashboard, effectively presenting customer statistics in a user-friendly manner.
  • Users can easily configure and manage different aspects of the system by utilizing the web application. This includes defining and customizing customer profiles, user accounts, locations, and API endpoints. The configuration process is streamlined and accessible through the intuitive user interface of the web application.
  • The project utilizes Agile methodology with JIRA for project management. We completed critical functionalities promptly and implemented technology upgrades to .NET Core 6, SQL Server, and Angular.
  • The Dashboard web application incorporates the following key features:
    • Dynamic Dashboards and reports
    • Favorite Dashboards
    • Export Reports as Excel or PDF
    • Customer/User Management
    • Role-based permission Management
    • Locations/API management
    • Two-factor authentication
    • API Installer with auto publish on IIS
  • ConvergeSol showcases expertise by delivering comprehensive solutions that empower clients with efficient data management, visualization, and scalable platform architecture for future enhancements.

Project Screenshots

Business Benefits

  • The dashboard serves as a powerful tool for businesses to monitor customer statistics, configure system settings, and leverage valuable insights for strategic decision-making and enhancing customer experiences.
  • Our solution facilitated streamlined operations management, seamless data handling across locations, effective user management, and enhanced accessibility to dashboards and reports, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Users can drill down into specific data points, apply filters, and explore trends, patterns, and correlations. This deepens understanding, identifies opportunities, and supports data-driven decision-making.
  • Users can customize and personalize their views, choose relevant metrics, and generate ad-hoc reports. This expedites data access, empowering users to gain insights and make independent decisions.
  • Our expertise in facilitating platform scalability and disciplined release management led the client to acknowledge us as a trusted and capable partner.
  • Our successful partnership fulfilled immediate needs and laid a solid foundation for the client platform's long-term growth and development.

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