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Branding is a strategy of creating a unique image of your company or product. According to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
Here are some branding tips to help you in your startup or company branding :

1. Include your brand into everything you do:
In other words, branding means, making your global presence. So for branding, you need to include your brand into everything you do.

2. Make a partnership with strong brands:
If you are a startup or not visible in your industry, then you need to associate with top brands as a part of branding as you'll get more and fast exposure with top brands in your industry.

3. Brand awareness:
Brand awareness is most important for branding. So, for the brand awareness, you can do following things:

 I. Run a referral program.
II. Create infographics.
III. Offering freemium things.
IV. Partnership with local businesses.
V. Running a social media contest.
VI. PPC and remarketing campaign.

4. Develop a Unique Identity:
Everyone knows that there are a lot of brands in every industry. So, if you want to get exposure or want to be top in your tier, then you need to make do something different and unique. You need to create a unique identity and use that identity in your branding strategy.

5. Provide Awesome Customer Experiences: 
In every business, the customer is always king, so your customer's review about your services or product helps you to grow your business. Hence, as a part of branding, if you provide better customer service, surely you'll get good reviews for your business, that will helps you to get more customer.

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