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Data visualization is a graphical or visual presentation of data. It's an easy way to understand trends and patterns in data through visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps. According to research, Humans are inherently programmed to respond to the visual, and our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text.

Here are some tips to help you to represent your data through Data visualization.

1. Use Large and Clear Fonts :
In data visualization, use clear and large size fonts, so your audience can easily read and understand the data. Font style must be relevant to industry (for whom you visualize data)

2. Avoid mixed color palettes:
Mixed colors may be beautiful, but they don’t look effective. So we suggest you use one or two colors for the whole Data visualization.

3. Use company colors & fonts:
If possible then try to use company color and fonts (for whom you visualize data). This makes your data presentation professional and easy to understand for your audience.

4. Use the Right Graph & Chart for Your Data :
In your data visualization, use the right and relevant charts and graphs for your data, just like the right words to describe an event. There’s a huge type of graphs and charts like pie, bar, bullet, line, scatter, bubble, flow, frame diagram, funnel, waterfall, tree…
but, it doesn’t mean that they all are suitable for your data. below are some charts/graphs with uses. 

I. Bar charts- for comparing categories within a single measure and one of the most common data visualizations. 
II. Bullet charts- for showing progress against a goal by comparing measures.
III. The line graph- for showing the connection between several distinct data points and presenting them as one continuous evolution. 
VI. Histograms and box plots-  for showing where your data is clustered and can compare categories.

5. Add the hierarchy to your data : 
Hierarchy is the most important part of data visualization. Data should have an order of importance. Data without hierarchy looks unprofessional.

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