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A web portal is a website or product where an organization offers a wide range of services and all other details for its users. It provides other online services like emails, forums, internet searches, etc. In other words. it's an online platform serving as a single source for all information on a domain.

Here are some tips to develop your own web portal.

1. Requirements Of Development :
Finding your needs or requirements of portal development helps you to list out important features that you want to in your web portal. It is very crucial steps to understand what you're looking for before proceeding to the next steps.

2. Identify Your Customers & Their Needs :
Customers identification and understanding their needs is an important aspect to get a clear vision on your portal development as lot of business owners have little bit knowledge about a portal and website, what services should be delivered in it, and what are the benefits of portal development.

3. Choose A Technology :
Nowadays, a big range of web portal development technologies existing to create web portals or web applications. These web portal development technologies are proprietary but some of them are open source, so you need to choose the best technology based on your portal nature to fulfill your business requirements.

4. Make It Simple: 
Always keep in mind that, users don't have time to understand your portal before accessing it. So you need to make user friendly and easy to use front-end which can be easily understandable by newbie. Also, web portal must be responsive, easy to navigate and look attractive.

5. Social Media Integration:
Last but not the least, social media is the best way to reach your audience as majority of us are using social media and see the advertisements of different brands of there for brand awareness. So, you must integrate your social media platform for marketing purpose and facilitate your visitors to share your profile to there groups.

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