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PPC is the most effective form of digital marketing. Managing a PPC campaign successfully is not an easy task. Digital marketers and advertisers always looking for the best way to optimize their PPC campaigns to get more business leads.

Here are some useful tips to help you to improve your PPC campaign performance.
1. Choose High-Performing Keywords :
When you are optimizing your PPC campaign to improve performance, firstly you need to check the performance of your keywords and choose top-performing keywords from them. After reviewing your PPC keywords, you could see which keywords are paying you back.

2. Geolocation Settings :
A PPC campaign without targeting geolocation is just a waste of money and time. So whenever you run a PPC campaign, update your geolocation settings. This feature allows you to display your ads in your selected regions, or within a specific distance from your business address.

3. Choose the Right Bidding Strategy :
Choosing the right bidding strategy for your PPC campaign will help you to achieve your goal within the budget. there are lots of bidding strategies for different goals.

1. CPM is best for maximizing impressions and ad visibility.
2. CPC/CPV is good for optimizing the cost you wish to pay per click or view.
3. CPA, Ideal for maximizing website conversions.
4. Maximize Clicks, which helps in individual clicks on an ad on a limited budget.

4. Use ad extensions :
Ad Extensions are an additional feature provided by Google Adwords. By using ad extensions, you can show more information about your product or service, which will help your customers get to know about your product or service in an easy way.
Through this feature, you can also improve your visibility, and improve the overall ROI and the CTR.

There are lots of ad extensions, so you need to choose the right Ad Extension.

I. Sitelinks Extensions- for adding additional links in the ads.
II. Call Extensions- allowing visitors to call you with the help of just one click.
III. Location Extensions- displaying your physical address, contact number, and a map to show directions.
VI. App Extensions- direct the visitors to the App Store or provide a download link to the app.
V. Review Extensions- for displaying reviews and ratings.

5. Remarketing :
Remarketing is a cost-saving technique in PPC. In this technique, you target the visitors who came to your website through ads and left before converting to your customer. In remarketing, there are high chances to convert visitors into customers.

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