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The US market is filled with thousands of real estate websites. However, only a handful have the most market share. So, what makes these handfuls of websites so extraordinary? Website design.

Here are some best practices for real estate website design in 2022 that might help you.

Aesthetics & Usability

Finding the right balance between aesthetics & usability is crucial to building a real estate web application that your potential clients will want to use. Flashy websites filled with animations may look pleasing to the eyes, but this may make it hard for the users to navigate through the site.

In creating a visually attractive web application, some web designers often forget that users' primary goal is to gather information.

Here are some things that make a real estate website design look amazing but not-so-amazing with user experience:

  • slow speed due to bulky animations
  • complicated navigation
  • non-mobile-friendly layout
  • bugs or broken links

Of course, it doesn't mean to leave all your creativity and adapt to minimalist designs, but the main focus should be on usability and user experience.

Mobile Friendliness

Did you know? In a 2020 survey, about 80% of respondents aged between 41 & 55 years used mobile or tablet devices to look for houses. The trend of people using mobile or tablet devices to look for their new homes is on the rise.

Creating a real estate web application that looks and work great on desktops but not so much on mobiles can lead you to lose out on the crazy potential for new customers.

Here are some things that may make your web application non-mobile-friendly:

  • non-responsive web application design
  • tiny banners (desktop version)
  • no hamburger or other menus
  • small texts
  • elements too close to each other

You may ask your software development company new york to ensure your real estate web application stays mobile-friendly.

Powerful Search Engine

Powerful Search Tools - Real Estate Website Design - ConvergeSol

People will visit your real estate website for the listings, correct? They will try searching for a suitable home, but if the search tool on your site is not powerful enough, they will look somewhere else.

What does a powerful tool mean for a real estate web app? The flexibility to filter property listings according to the price range, property type, and the number of bedrooms & bathrooms.

When people experience an optimal shopping experience, they are more likely to convert. Show them every possible detail of the house possible, like the built year, square feet, etc.

Ensure your search tool offers filters that help buyers filter the properties based on different parameters.

Intuitive Navigation

Every type of potential client, like a tenant, buyer, seller, landlord, broker, etc., anticipates an exciting journey when they visit your real estate web application.

However, complex or confusing navigation can drive them away from your web app, leading to a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rates.

Here are some things you can do to your real estate website design to ensure the navigation is simple, and user-friendly:

  • try adapting to the three-click-rule
  • use a sticky menu
  • use breadcrumbs
  • keep buttons in bold style or of contrasting colors
  • keep relevant information in the footer like NAP

Property Images

The trend of exploring properties has shifted from physically visiting the place to exploring it online. Most people like to take the first look at the property online through their devices, making a real estate web application a crucial tool for realtor firms.

Leading realtor companies have in-house photographers to click high-definition pictures of the properties. Remember, the quality of images is significant if you wish to improve conversion rates on your web application.

The better view the potential client gets at the property, the higher the chances of it converting into a sale.

Here are some tips to bring your A-game to the table:

  • hire a professional photographer
  • subtly edit the pics, but don't edit so much that it looks completely different from the property
  • you can use a 360-degree camera to create a tour of the property

Some leading firms also utilize AR & MR technologies to enhance user experience and offer users virtual tours of the properties.

Regularly Update Listings

Users visit your website to consume the latest information and if you are displaying outdated content, it will drive them away. Hence, you would observe higher bounce rates.

With outdated content, two things will happen:

  1. your web traffic of potential customers would reduce
  2. those potential customers would visit your rival's website

It is why it is wise to update your listings regularly. With updated listings, you may also drive up sales because your place would be where customers could see the latest properties in the market.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • as soon as the property sells, either remove it from your site or mark it "sold."
  • upload the latest images or videos of the properties
  • always display the latest prices of the properties

Scannable Content

Scannable Content - Real Estate Website Design - ConvergeSol

When a person visits your real estate web application, they are unlikely to spend much time reading minute details presented in multiple paragraphs.

A person is more likely to skim through the content, trying to understand overall content and locate what he is searching for.

It means your real estate website design should contain scannable content. Be straightforward with the information, don't try beating around the bush.

Here are some tips for real estate website design:

  • before the designing stage, have a clear picture of the page in your mind
  • note down the data you want your visitors to notice when they visit your web app
  • use contrasting colors for CTAs, critical data, and things you want your visitors to notice

Home Valuation Tools

Home Valuation Tools - Real Estate Website Design - ConvergeSol

The monetary factor is significant in the real estate domain. It can be a deciding factor for buyers and sellers. Hence, displaying the most relevant prices and pricing structure of a property can help.

This way users can confer whether the property is affordable for them. If it's not, they can move to the next option. This clarity helps save time for everyone - buyers, sellers, and you.

Here are some things that you can include:

  • the listing price of the properties
  • downpayment
  • the interest rate on the mortgage
  • estimated monthly payments

Final Thoughts

Real estate website design might be one of the most affordable & efficient ways for your business. And with the right technological partner, it will not seem overwhelming if you know your target audience.

Emphasize your brand voice/image and try making the UI as simple as possible.

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