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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology or the capability of a computer or robot controlled by computers to perform tasks generally linked with intelligent beings. Currently, artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technology in the world.

It's a way of creating a computer, a robot, or a software think and work intelligently as intelligent humans think. Artificial intelligence will change the future of your work culture, your business culture, lifestyle, transportation, etc.

Work Offices: 
Artificial Intelligence will enhance work culture in your office. It collects and processes data from many sources, even larger than that a single human could do. Many industries allow It accelerating and enhancing processes.

Everyone knows that robots will take over human jobs in near future. robots work with artificial intelligence. So, we can't able to deny the major role of artificial intelligence in business.

Virtual Care/Assistance:
A lot of companies are either using or planning to use AI to provide virtual help or assistance to their customers. Many companies are using chatbot for various types of uses like customer services.

Artificial intelligence is also having a good future in the Entertainment industry. According to Netflix, shortly, you could sit on the couch and order up on-demand custom movies with virtual actors of your choice. So we can say that film studios may have a future without flops.

Health Care: 
AI will also help the healthcare industry in the future. According to a report, algorithms of AI will enable doctors, healthcare workers, and hospitals to better analyze the health care data, environment, and lifestyle of each patient. From diagnosing any kind of tumor to deciding which cancer treatment will work best for an individual patient.

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