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During a phase when most corporations around the world have struggled to cope with shutdowns and lack of demand, the productivity of Converge Sol has risen considerably and is much more agile and diverse Converge Sol revenue grew 4 times at a period when most corporations around the world struggled to cope with shutdowns and lack of demand.

Although the rest of the economy is tanking from the debilitating effect of the coronavirus, ConvergeSol  is holding steady, even booming, and here's how we achieved it

  • Remote working - With individuals advised to operate from home and stay away from others, the pandemic has intensified reliance on services from the largest firms in the technology sector, thus accelerating trends that have already helped them In trying situations like the current, being able to function remotely makes it beneficial not only to the skill set of the job seeker, but also lets the Converge Sol continue to sustain a steady business performance.
  • Culture; When considering career opportunities, modern applicants rate company culture as one of the most critical factors, and from a mile away they can spot a weak company culture. It's important to accurately portray the organization and its employees in your company culture, what makes the culture of Converge Sol great?  employees feel respected in all facets of their lives, including both their professional and personal goals, regardless of their rank. It ensures that workers at all levels feel comfortable working with colleagues.
  • Hiring & Team work - It's crucial to recruit the right employees for your company, no matter what kind of job you're in. At Converge Sol, we agree that teamwork skills allow us to work effectively with others towards a common goal. It includes open communication, listening to those who are consciously responsible for mistakes, and respecting peer diversity.
  • Partnership- At Converge Sol, we recognize that collaboration is key to the growth of every business venture. A collaboration expresses itself in various ways, ranging from cooperative business owners to participating in a project to share technological expertise and ideas between companies. It is important to look for the right partnership agreement, whatever any company does that benefits both parties.
  • New Projects- We understand the meaning of Feedback at converge sol Reviews not only have the ability to influence customer choices, but also enhance the reputation of a company. Reviews have the potential to build consumer interest, and they inspire people to engage with the brand. Ultimately, customer engagement contributes to increased results for companies. That's why we have top scores on platforms like Clutch (4.8) & Upwork

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