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Cloud services have become the go-to solution for businesses around the world. Many businesses have grown thanks to the immense numbers of benefits cloud solutions offer. However, there are a lot of cloud service providers in the market. But for the sake of this article’s scope, we’re discussing the benefits of Azure cloud hosting.

So, here are four reasons why businesses should adopt cloud services such as Azure cloud hosting:

  1. Resilience and Elasticity

Unlike conventional IT infrastructure, cloud solutions utilize multiple servers located in different locations. This is crucial to offer great uptime. Additionally, all these multiple servers that host your data, integrate with each other and work as one.

But how is it helpful? Well, in case some of the servers are facing downtime, you would still be able to access all the hosted data, files & applications. This means, your business operations would not get hampered and your consumers & you will get great uptime.

Azure cloud hosting offers at least 99.5% uptime and at least 99.99% uptime for the firewall. However, if you choose to have an inHouse IT infrastructure, you won’t get the flexibility of integration of multiple servers or this much uptime guarantee.

  1. Scaling Business Made Easy & Flexible

Businesses that want to scale their business & want flexibility with their hosting, would gain great benefits from cloud solutions, especially Azure Cloud Hosting. Why? Because with cloud hosting you get on-demand virtual space, on-demand server resources as much as you need and when you need them.

What’s better is that with cloud solutions, you can easily scale up or scale down according to your portal’s web traffic. And not only that, but you or the software company you hired, can have complete control over installing any software when needed. This not only provides flexibility but opens new gates to business growth.

  1. Power of Automation

There is one key difference between cloud computing & inhouse IT infrastructure - management. With Azure cloud hosting services, you don’t have to worry about managing hardware, network uptime, security, etc. Cloud service provider takes care of everything and makes sure your server operations work seamlessly.

With conventional inhouse infrastructure you get complete control over it however, you will incur heavy costs to maintain it. Because you will have to hire an experienced and fully-trained IT infrastructure engineer to ensure regular maintenance, uptime, regular data backups, upgrades, threat detection & protection, etc. Apart from the salary, you will also incur utility bills just to keep the infrastructure running.

  1. Operational Costs

In the end, most things boil down to costs and why wouldn’t it? Operational costs share a majority of impact on what businesses prefer. The good news is that with cloud computing you receive cost-effective IT solutions (pay-as-you-go model).

And as we mentioned earlier, with an inhouse IT infrastructure, your utility bills would go up much, you would experience more downtime, and overtime your ROI would drop compared to cloud solutions.

The reason is simple - inhouse infrastructure means expensive hardware and equipment, and more floor space for the servers. But if you’re running an office you would know how difficult it can be to allocate more cubic meters.

These were the general benefits businesses could get from Azure cloud services. Did you know? Azure cloud services are not only for windows apps & services but powers & support open source technologies. This feature allows businesses to integrate their own software to operate virtually any application or tool with the data you upload on Azure cloud hosting

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