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With each passing day in this modern world, we are witnessing the radical development of technologies. And with each update, these developments seem to be even more dedicated to making our work easier than before. One such example happens to be cloud computing services.

Although Microsoft had pitched it in the 1960s, this concept saw its application not until 2006. Since then, the concept has been widely used, developed, and made even more versatile in today’s date.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Before plunging into the topic, and discussing how this thing works, let us first get to know what Microsoft Azure is.

Microsoft Azure is known for being a public cloud computing platform that provides a varied range of cloud services to its users. These include storage, networking, analysis, and computing, among many other cloud services.

Hailed earlier as “Windows Azure,” the platform allows its users to integrate an already existing application with cloud. It also enables a user to pick from the services provided to come up with new applications. Moreover, Microsoft Azure has four kinds of cloud computing for its users-

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS),
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), and
  • Serverless service.

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How Does Microsoft Azure Works?

Let us now talk about how Microsoft Azure works. The Azure platform is especially helpful for businesses. It enables businesses to work and develop on their organizational structures. This cloud platform also helps to face and consistently overcome challenges so that an organization runs smoothly.

Now the question comes- “how?” Microsoft Azure comes with certain presets or tools that are helpful and compatible with various industries. Financial and e-commerce industries also take part in that list.

Moreover, a unique feature embedded in Azure is complete compatibility with every kind of open source technology. And this same feature allows the users enough transparency to use tools and technologies of their preference.

So, firstly a user needs to complete the subscription process. After that is over, users now have access to all those services available in the software portal. Generally, subscribers make use of the tools to create new databases and cloud resources. Along with the already included services, users can also find Software sold by third-party vendors that are directly available.

Azure is also considered diverse in its uses because of the number of services it includes. Some of the most popular uses of Microsoft Azure are as follows:

  • Azure is often used by many as a means of backup and disaster recovery tool. It is widely used as an archive for long-term data storage and retention.
  • One of the most common uses of the Azure platform is hosting databases in the cloud system.
  • Another very popular use of the Azure platform is to run virtual machines in the cloud.

Categories of products offered by Azure are:


This particular service provides cloud storage for various kinds of data structures. Added to that, it supports consistent storage and archival storage as well.


This product helps users, rather developers, to create and design cloud applications for mobile devices. It provides tools for designing applications, providing notifications, etc.


This particular service assures that only authorized users get access to the platform. It includes certain 


This category of services lets users detect, identify and take immediate actions against cloud security risks. It also helps to supervise encryption keys and many other assets.


These services include a range of backup, automation, schedules, and certain monitoring tools that enable a cloud administrator to manage these tasks successfully.


The Azure platform lets its users either join a blockchain or create their own.

This is how the Microsoft Azure platform works and enables big businesses to run organized. Learn more about Azure Cloud Services so, when the time comes, you can grow your business with cloud!

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