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You must be reading this post as you want to know how you can also get more visitors to your blog as I had on my first blog. Here are some key parameters which need to be considered.

 1. Right Topic: Selecting the right topic is one of the key parameters to get more views. Always select a topic which is in trend or which can be popular within some time.
2. Know Your Audience: It’s essential to understand your target audience before you write something and based on that, you need to set the tone of your content that conveys the details in the right manner and does not make your reader feel offensive. 
3. Striking Title: The title must be able to get the attention of your users because even if you have written useful information but you are unable to write a catchy title then the user won’t bother to take a look at it. For example, I wrote a blog with the title Top 10 website developed using Vue JS which is on the first rank on Google search.
4. Use Images: You as a reader don’t want to read through the long paras. So, to make your content interesting, you must use the relevant images that hold your audience. After all, an image can convey 1000 words, so why write a text in place!
5. Engaging Content: You must ensure that the content you’re serving is highly engaging by giving a human touch with the punctuation marks and some open-ended questions that allow your audience to interact. If you like the content like a License Agreement of any software no one will even bother to take a look at it.
Let me know if I have missed any parameter from your point of view. Also, I’d like to hear your thoughts if you agree with this or not.

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