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Cloud migration is the process of transferring an organization's data, applications and business-related documents to a cloud infrastructure. So, if you are looking for cloud migration, this checklist can help you ensure migration in a secure manner.

1. Reconfigure of an Application/ Software before Migration :
Cloud is a different type of software architecture, not just a place of storage. In cloud migration, a small dedicated server can perform multiple task than an ordinary server. So before you start the cloud migration, reconfigure your application/software for better and secure migration.

2. Better Understanding with POC and Testing : 
The next step is the clear understanding with POC and testing, which means testing the workload and execute your proof of concept to ensure system is working fine. You need to perform testing all systems or software to validating the performance and the cost of running on the cloud.

3. Know Your Software/Application Architecture :
Before you start the cloud migration, you must know the architecture of your application or software. So, you need to analyze the application/software integration, required resources, etc.

4. Data Protection:
In cloud migration, data protection is most important. Before starting the cloud migration of your software or application, you need to be very clear about the data which requires protection. So, data protection is the manual task you need to perform to make fully secure. You can't be fully dependent on your cloud service provider like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

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