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Everyone know that marketing through social media is now future of marketing and bigger than old marketing ways like network marketing. Social media marketing is a result oriented marketing technique which helps business to grow fast. From advertising of a product to selling it online, social media is used for all types of marketing purposes. 

According to a research, approx. 2.65 bln people was used social media globally in 2018, and the figure will grow nearly 3.1 bln by 2021. Now you can understand that your large amount of audience is here, so you just need to target them via your social media marketing strategy with the help of below tips.

1. Research Audience:-

Before starting your social media marketing campaign, you must need to research on your right, relevant and targeted audience. Because your targeted audience is your future customer, so you need to research well of your audience.


2. Your Goals and Objectives:- 

If you don’t know what you want, what’s your goal and objective, then how are you supposed to achieve it?, so you must need to have a clear goal & objective, solid plan, after that you can kick start your social media marketing strategy.


3. Influencer Marketing:-

In social media marketing, Influencer marketing is one of the most effective technique to present your business or product in the market. An Influencer has thousands or millions of followers. You just need to find out right and relevant Influencer to use in your social media marketing strategy. Through Influencer, you can spread awareness about your brand, business, product or service.


4. Use Videos:- 

In digital marketing, uses of videos as a marketing is become a popular trend. So, in social media marketing, uses of videos will helps to boost your branding as well as growth of company. In video marketing, you can use product videos, event-base videos, short videos, live videos etc. to present you and also to cover maximum targeted audience. Everyone knows that people gives more attention to video content than any others.


5. Hashtags/ Mentions: -

Hashtags are a great technique for communicating with your targeted followers and audience as well as increasing engagement. It's is a word or keyword phrase preceded by a hash, when you using a phrase as a hashtag, those people who are not knowing you or your business can find your content.

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