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How to setup a remote workplace

When we hear the term remote workplace, it is generally hard for us to contemplate the difference between remote work and work from home or flex work

We need to understand that when it comes to remote working it is generally something outside the traditional boundaries, it is more of a job where employees instead of working from an office can accomplish the task assigned to them anywhere in the world

And because of pandemic, in a recent survey it was found that about 60% of the companies around the globe are encouraging remote workplace kind of setup

For setting up a remote workplace here are few things required

  • A laptop with good connectivity: when it comes to this , you can either use a laptop issued by your company or your personal , it depends upon the choice available at the end of the day but having a fast and reliable internet connection is a must when it comes to remote working (minimum download speed of 25 mbps) because a remote working without internet? Who are we actually kidding?
  • Knowledge about cloud computing: With inexpensive technologies like this you can setup remote workplace for yourself anywhere in the world. It gives you hand on instant information with just a click and with the security backup you don’t have anything left to worry about privacy and data security
  • Usage of Microsoft Teams: Being labelled as unified communication software, this application allows workers to collaborate via chat, voice or video call and makes sure there’s a transparency maintained when it comes to documentations
  •  Improve internal communication: Communication is a two-way street, so the company has to make sure that it is maintains a proper balance with its employees because communication is the key for any work to flow without any hassle. Hence, we should ensure time to time feedback and adopt measures accordingly to improve the communication. here one on one meetings can provide a great help
  • Time tracker and definition of goals: In a study it was found that people actually deliver the results before the due date once they are settled at one place hence while setting up a remote working place definition of goals should be done on priority bases and a time sheet should be used to track the work process of employees

In conclusion we can say that remote working is the IN-TREND now!

Because of the agility and adaptability, it not only saves cost for the company but ensures greater efficiency from the employees after all a happy employee means happy organisation and more achievement of goals



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