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The majority of the people are interacting with your business through the website. Hence, the purpose of online and offline marketing activities is to land users on website. Definitely, the website with the great content, elegant look, mobile responsiveness and relevant image will have high visitors than old-school websites.
Let's understand how website design makes an impact from Digital Marketing's perspective.

1. User-friendliness:
The website must be user-friendly. User-friendly means, when a user lands on your website then he/she can easily understand your business through the website. Also, try to make your website's content readable and user friendly.

2. Proper Navigation :
Website navigation means the whole process when a user lands on a website and exit from the website. You need to create easy website navigation, so a user can easily navigate through the website and find the desired results in few clicks.

3. Brand Identity :
We all knows that branding is an essential aspects of digital marketing. So here, brand identity means your business logo, colour schema, business tagline, website's banner/ cover, placement of content, etc.

4. Responsive Design :
In responsive website design, the server sends the same code to all devices. It's a type of GUI (graphic user interface) design used to create content and images adjustable all sizes of screen.

In digital era, 70-80% of people are mobile users and make search through mobile device. So, responsive website can easily serve the content which can be easily interpreted by the user and hence, it's easy for them to enrol for your services or buy your products.

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