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Microsoft Azure is cheaper than AWs. This is just the beginning of “is Azure better than AWS”. Azure offers additional features that make it stand out but is it really better than AWS? Let’s find out!

Azure Better Than AWS? The Truth!

Over the years, Azure kept developing and made great advancements in both technology and a customer-centric cloud environment. But let’s look at some other aspects to discover the truth - Azure better than AWS?

PaaS Capabilities:

Azure & AWS, both offer almost similar PaaS capabilities for virtual networking. However, Microsoft Azure offers faster & stronger PaaS services, a crucial cloud computing service for businesses today.

With Azure, you can 100% completely focus on innovation (for Azure PaaS solutions) and let Microsoft manage the backend of the cloud infrastructure.

Azure PaaS offers the app developers with tools & environment, the building blocks for creating & establishing new cloud services fast. Developers can also use the essential DevOps connections, crucial for managing, monitoring and configuring the applications.

Integrated Environment: 

Developers can now easily test, develop & deploy cloud apps thanks to the integration capabilities provided by Azure. Migrating to Azure is considered rather flexible as it offers open development languages and an option for the client to select the framework. AWS, on the other hand, is more known to be complicated.

Security Offerings:

Azure is better than AWS at security. Azure works on what is called Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), industry’s leading assurance process. This process’s major segment covers security capabilities, keeping private data secured & protected on the Azure cloud platform.

Pricing Flexibility:

In this section, AWS is a clear winner as it offers quite flexible pricing structure compared to Azure’s. This gives businesses the opportunity to stay flexible with cloud costs.

Developer Tools:

Both Microsoft Azure & AWS, have somewhat different approaches to developer tools. Let’s take a brief look at both:

The AWS suite of developer tools are more focused on supporting DevOps. AWS offers various tools such as CodeCommit (to store code), CodeDeploy (to automate code deployment), and CodePipeline (for a Continuous Delivery).

Additionally, AWS offers Command Line Interface (CLI) that controls AWS services & writing automation scripts. AWS also offers a non-DevOps tool called IDC.

Now, let’s take a look at Microsoft Azure’s Dev Tools. Azure now offers IoT Suite solutions for certain scenarios such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Azure also offers core push notifications, streaming analytics, monitoring IoT deployments, and machine learning.

To Sum It Up

Choosing the right cloud service provider is crucial and a vital decision for businesses opting for cloud solutions. Because cloud services and cloud platforms can be a pivotal point for a business’s growth.

If we talk about Azure and AWS, most businesses have opted for Azure as it offers hybrid solutions, PaaS and various other beneficial features important for any Cloud strategy. And numerous businesses have started to incorporate AWS in their digital transformation.

So, choosing between Azure & AWS depends on your business’s growth plan, strategies, pricing, etc. Let us know in the comment section below, what you’d choose, Azure or AWS.

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