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For decades, custom software development has helped hundreds of businesses to grow tremendously and offer the best solutions to their customers. However, developing custom software is no easy feat. It involves complex steps at different levels such as identifying the right talents, managing resources so you can scale your project, and many more.

At times, it becomes overwhelming to manage everything in-house and it becomes critical to outsource software development to a third-party software development company. Some of you may have reservations about outsourcing software development, a highly complex thing.

However, with the right outsource software development company, you enjoy many benefits that not only help you develop your custom software solution but also help you focus on your business.

Why To Outsource Software Development?

Bring In the Expertise

Software development is a great outsourcing resource, no secrets there. Outsourcing software development needs can help free up much of your internal resources and even bridge the technological gap your business might have. This enables you to focus on your core business tasks.

With the experts from software development company New York, onboard, you may start off by creating an MVP (or minimal viable product) to validate your idea & make any required changes in the initial phases. Depending on your product’s type, budget and product specifics, you may even proceed to the development phase.

If you go with the former, you may get help from product development experts of the outsourcing organization. They can help you with the design & development to create the most MVP & even analyze and interpret its data.

Save Hiring Time & Focus On Business

Let’s be real, hiring the right software developers is a time- and resource-consuming task. You may interview 100 candidates but still don’t find the right one for your business. Imagine how easy it might be if someone else does it for you and takes care of everything - from talent acquisition to onboarding to payroll.

This is what outsourcing software development can bring to the table. The outsource organization understands your project & requirements and allocate the right resources to it. Moreover, the organization may even hire candidates, if needed, especially for your project.

Additionally, the organization ensures your project doesn’t suffer due to lack of communication or unavailability of skilled resources. Since you don’t have to spend a huge chunk of your time on hiring, you can finally focus on your core business & grow it.

Flexibility of Scaling Your Project

When you work on a software development project, the possibilities of new changes requested every now and then are high. You might already have an experience that a project can take longer or shorter, may cost higher or lower or may even require more resources than speculated.

At times, the best thing to do is to either scale up or down your project. Imagine how catastrophic it can get when you have a massive in-house team and have to downsize it according to the project to manage costs. Or how difficult it can become to urgently hire the right talent to scale up your project.

On the other hand, an outsource software development company can easily scale up or scale down the team without you having to go through the struggles of removing or searching for talents.

Outsource software development truly offers you the experience of on-demand services, making it easy to sail through the entire SDLC.

Application of Agile Methodology

Efficiency is critical for every business, be it a startup or an enterprise. The use of Agile Methodology helps to optimize the SDLC to deliver the project on time and at par with the client’s expectations.

Many leading outsource software development companies such as ConvergeSol have adapted to agile methodology. It helps to break down the project into smaller sprints (as small as two weeks) and helps to set multiple smaller goals that eventually leads to successful completion of the project.

The agile methodology also allows devs to monitor and make revisions on the go, enabling flexibility to scale the project and easier adaptation to changes. It is fast, efficient and helps to complete the project on time at par with the client’s quality satisfaction.

No Need To Micromanage

When you hire an outsource software development company, it assigns a project manager to, well, manage the whole project and be a point of contact. The project manager will try to understand your problems & requirements during initial meetings and come up with a project plan & estimation.

After you approve it, the project manager takes the responsibility of managing the entire project & ensuring to deliver it on time. This helps you avoid micromanaging developers & testers because the assigned PM does it for you.


Outsourcing software development is obviously a complex process and maybe overwhelming at times. However, with the right outsource software development company, proper contracting and clear communication of your business requirements makes it fairly less complex and help you implement the best possible solution to achieve your results within the budget & the time frame

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