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As we know that big data has taken the business sector by storm, but what's next? Will data continue to grow or what technologies will develop around it? The business world is powered by big data now try to forcing companies to seek big data experts for consulting. According to a research, by 2020, the amount of data that is worthy of being analyzed, will surprisingly double.

1. Machine Learning:- 
Machine learning is one of the hottest and trended technology today. It'll play a big role in the future of big data as well. According to ovum, machine learning will be leader of the big data revolution. It will help businesses in preparing data and conduct predictive analysis.

2. Big Data Will Face Challenges of Privacy:- 
Privacy will be a biggest challenge for big data technology in future. According to new privacy regulation by the European Union, companies will forced to show their privacy control and procedures. So it'll become a biggest challenge for emerging technologies 

3. Demand of Data Scientists Will Be Increase:- 
Big data will helps to job sectors in future by increasing demands of data scientists, so if you are still not sure about your career path, then this is better time to start career in data science.

4. Investments in Big Data Technologies Will Increase:- 
According to an analysis, “Total revenues from big data and business analytics will rise from $122 billion in 2015 to $225 billion in 2020.” Although the investments in big data technology might vary from industry to industry, the increase in big data spending will remain consistent overall.

5. Methods to analyze data will improve:- 
Through big data, the methods of analyzing data will improve, like the way of collecting data and interpreting the result of the analysis. The quality of data analysis will surely improve.

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