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Remote working has now become a global phenomenon, just like the pandemic, the way we do business, from transforming our purchase decisions to shifting where we work every day, COVID-19 is evolving. During the pandemic, many corporations institute mandatory work from home policies, and this abrupt transition can be isolating and jarring for workers used to coming into an office every day. Today, more than ever, knowing the complexities behind the presence of these newly-virtual teams is important. It is important to keep your workers motivated and satisfied in the midst of COVID-19 to continue to advance your company and get results, even when businesses are struggling. Here’s how we can achieve that:

  • Connections Intensifying-Collaboration resources in a remote workplace is essential recognition efforts. The group is drawn into the same virtual space via chat groups and networking networks to work together, exchange ideas and thoughts, and respond to the accomplishments of colleagues. To eliminate the feeling of disconnection that remote work can bring and to avoid the coldness of text interactions, leaders can use video calls to provide face-to-face constructive feedback.
  • Offering them perks, deals and gift cards- In the virtual world, a fascinating way to reward workers is by perks and discounts. Since most eCommerce sites are up and running again, workers would like their online shopping to have some unique benefits. Digital gift cards from top sites are also a perfect way of amplifying the workers during this period.
  • Be Relatively Timely-Even if your entire workforce is now working remotely, it is necessary to keep track of what employees are doing at your company. Don't wait if you see actions that should be rewarded! Instantly award the worker to make the appreciation more meaningful. This can be achieved through a variety of channels: on the chat software of your organization, using a recognition network, a team-wide email, or verbally highlighting the employee during impromptu video meetings.
  • Facilitate Workforce Growth- By providing online training and courses that would promote personal and professional advancement of workers, another significant way of recognizing. The society we are going to join after the pandemic is going to be even more competitive than the coronavirus world. As a result of the recession, a large section of the workforce is vulnerable to decreased wages, furloughs, or layoffs. The importance of training and development has increased several times in this situation. Working from home has the bonus of saving a lot of time

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