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Using the right tool can make all the difference when it comes to testing web applications. Whether you are a tester or a business owner, determining the best testing tools for web applications is critical.

Read this article till the end to find out the top 4 testing tools in 2022.

What Is Web Application Testing?

Web application testing is a process to validate and find bugs in web-based applications. It helps to test the performance & functionality of web apps before they are put into the production environment.

Developers, DevOps and infrastructure & server admins can get vital data & insight into the web app. This will help them to find & fix bugs before the application is made public for customers.

With so many testing tools for web applications available in the market, it is vital to use the right ones. Read the article till the end to find out the top 4 tools:


Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing tools for web applications and loved by hundreds and thousands of testers around the world. It is well-known as a regression testing tool operating seamlessly among platforms & browsers.

Basically, the Selenium suite has four components - IDE, RC, WebDriver & Grid. Out of them, automation is the most popular & used component. 

Choosing the right language can make all the difference, and most developers around the world prefer either Selenium with Java or Selenium with Python.

Apache JMeter

JMeter is an Apache open-source load testing tool, written in Java, that supports all platforms. Basically, it helps in load testing & measuring & analyzing the performance of the web application.

It is one of the best load & stress testing tools for web applications and it also helps to test JDBC database connections & OS Native processes. The tool analyzes the overall performance of the web application under different loads on a network, a server or even a group of servers.

Apache JMeter also has the capability to analyze the performance of LDAP, SOAP, Mail like SMTP(S), IMAP(S) and POP3(S), Native commands or shell scripts and MongoDB (NoSQL). Test plan & debugging process can be quickly built thanks to its strong GUI design.


Testcomplete is one of the best overall functional UI testing tools for web applications that can be used for creating & running tests on any mobile or desktop web application, it includes apps with dynamic pages & custom controls.

The users can easily automate applications across different platforms, browsers & devices, thanks to its flexible architecture. You can also automate GUI testing, multiple scripting languages such as Python, C#, VBScript, Delphi Script, etc.


Testcomplete comes with distributed network suites that help to run test suites in multiple environments, simultaneously. 


Loadrunner is a load testing tool for Linux & Windows systems to test web applications efficiently before they’re launched.

It’s one of the best testing tools for web applications that helps to determine their results & performance under different server loads. The load on the servers is due to the web traffic, users accessing the web app, at the same time.

The tool can help to handle various protocols for load testing such as DCOM, Database, Oracle E-Business, .NET Record/Replay, Remote Access, Java Record/Replay, Rich Internet Applications, etc.

Final Thoughts

Automated testing tools for web applications are significant for quality software. Equipping with the right tool will make your processes more efficient and help accelerate business. Let us know your favorite testing tool in the comment section below!

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