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In this fast-paced world, website visitors form an opinion about your web portal in just 0.05 seconds! Yes, it takes only around 50 milliseconds to determine whether or not to stay on your portal. 

However, web portal development that follows the current market trend will see a great number of new & returning visitors. Read this blog till the end to explore the top 5 web portal development trends in 2021. 

Single Page Websites (SPWs)

Setting the first impression right is of utmost importance when it comes to web portals. Did you know? 94% of impressions are web-design-related. And the best thing about SPWs is that they are design-driven, have great copywriting, and make the right information easily accessible to the users.

So, whether you’re doing web portal development yourself or hiring portal solutions services, using SPW would be a great idea. Here are some benefits of SPWs: 

  • Ease of navigation 

  • Faster loading speed (increases user retention) 

  • Reduction in bounce rate 

  • Linear user experience 

Some web design tips for web portal development: 

  • Create small chunks of content instead of overwhelming the users with excessive content. 

  • Instead of a limitless scrolling feature, give your users the feasibility of navigating easily. For example, you can use a sticky menu. 

  • Use relevant CTAs (call-to-actions) 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Customer service & personalization features should be excellent to cater to your customers' queries and needs. Here's how you can integrate AI with portal development solutions:

Automated Customer Service 

Chatbots have revolutionized customer service by solving basic queries through automated replies. This has two-fold benefits. One offers quick responses & solutions to customers. Second, saves valuable time for your employees, which otherwise would have been spent answering the same questions again & again. 

So, during your, ask your hired portal development company to build a chatbot for your users!

Personalized Predictions 

Predictive personalizations are highly beneficial and can help you to cross-sell or up-sell your services/products. You can use your customers' purchase history, products they viewed, etc. to create personalized suggestions. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) 

When you hire portal development services, you can also try exploring progressive web apps. In the past, PWAs have helped big brands like Forbes, Flipkart, AliExpress, etc to increase web traffic, interactions, and retention rate. 

What are progressive web apps? Web portals or websites that feel like a mobile app. It offers the feasibility to access the information on the site as if you are using a mobile app without downloading one. 

PWAs can help your web portal to reach the next level with their seamless experience, cross-device compatibility, and of course, excellent mobile experience. 

Voice-Activated Search & Navigation 

Voice search is becoming popular by the day. Also, more users are now turning towards it for basic queries. VA (voice-activated) is revolutionizing searching for information online. 

Here's how you can integrate VA in your web portal development: 

  • Implement schema markup on your web portal to help bots understand the content and present it in voice search results. 

  • Create an FAQ page (even an FAQ section would be good) 

  • Use long-tail keywords (conversational keywords) to appear more times in voice search results 

Motion User Interface Design 

Make a great first impression in your customers' minds with excellent motion user interface design. Because the first thing a user sees lays the foundation of whether or not that user likes the site. 

So, what can you do during web portal development that will grab the users' attention and make them want to scroll for more information? Here are some tips that will help you: 

  • Excite your customers with a welcome screen that will want them to stay longer on your site. 

  • Use creative MUI to grab more attention towards CTAs 

  • Create great brand storytelling using MUI


Technologies evolve rapidly, and staying in the trend can give great benefits to your web portal. Customers always strive for the best and seamless experience. So, during your web portal development, try to follow the trend and see how your customers love the experience! 

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