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IT Managed services are tasks outsourced to a third-party so businesses can focus on their business related operations. IT Managed services typically involves outsourcing IT needs of a business to a company with an expert team of IT specialists. This process not only saves time but is also a cost effective solution, improves quality of service, and frees up time for the inhouse team to focus on their business.

But what exactly are managed IT services? Read this article till the end to learn more about Managed IT Services.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Companies offering third-party IT services to businesses are called managed services providers. Typically managed IT services providers proactively work with their clients by providing a defined set of services. 

Managed IT services NYC provider will manage & will be responsible for proper functioning of the services under the SLA. MSPs may offer you the option to either pay by the hour or pay per milestone, both of these models have their own pros & cons.

Many businesses outsource their IT needs such as product management, custom software development, etc. It allows these businesses to improve their operations, cut down expenses, and focus on growing business.

3 Most Commonly Used Managed IT Services

MSPs offer many kinds of managed IT services, let’s look at the four most commonly opted services for:

1. Cloud Computing

MSPs such as ConvergeSol house state-of-the-art cloud solutions for businesses that help to manage their IT infrastructure. One of the great benefits of partnering with an MSP for cloud computing services is that you get highly-skilled and highly-experienced IT experts. It allows your business to receive reliable & effective results, based on specific needs of your business.

Along with cloud computing services, you can get access to additional top-notch services such as:

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Native Solutions

  • Cloud Consultation

  • Disaster Recovery

2. Product Management Services

Product development & management services help your business to create MVPs (Minimally Viable Products) generating better traction with the end-users. Later, your MSP can help you to move ahead of your competitors by efficiently bringing attention of your target audience to your product line.

The right MSP houses experts that can deliver results to managers, VPs, and any other stakeholder in the product life cycle. With the correct methodologies of building MVPs and effective marketing, your MSP partner can optimize your product life cycle effectively. 

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With the right IT MSP, you get access to experts who can help:

  • Develop & market the product

  • Align your team

  • Getting the work done

  • Finding new talent

3. Application Management Solutions

Many IT businesses get burdened with maintenance & administration of their applications. As such, they spend their resources to manage them, leading to lesser productivity. But with an MSP offering the best application management solutions, you can focus on your business operations again.

MSPs such as ConvergeSol, offer much more than backend support under their AMS (Application Management Solutions). Complexities of applications are ever-rising, requiring proper designing, development, implementation & maintenance of applications across the entire infrastructure.

With AMS, your MSP partner will update your business on the current state of the applications and provide detailed reports on the respective implementation plans for optimum performance. This may include the following services:

  • Custom Development Solutions

  • Portal Solutions

  • Managed Service Solutions

  • Operations Solutions


Most MSPs like ConvergeSol are efficient, cost-effective, have scalable capacity, etc. Additionally, these MSPs offer seamless integrations without spending a lot of resources on support. Businesses partnering with these kinds of MSPs are guaranteed to grow & get ahead of their competitors. Many businesses today prefer MSPs over outsourcing their specific IT needs.

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