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When you’re just starting with product development for your business or a newbie in software development solution, choosing the right programming language can be overwhelming. There are so many languages available today that it’s almost impossible not to feel lost because each language has its complexities, benefits, and features.

Each year the list of programming languages for web application development is growing. Therefore it’s important to understand which language is currently the most in demand.

What Is A Web Application?

A web application is any software that runs on a web browser & web technology over the internet rather than running locally. Many businesses have adapted to the wide range of benefits it offers - faster, more secure, no need for installations, etc.

Examples of Web Applications

  • MS Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)

  • Web Whatsapp

  • Canva

  • Google Apps

  • Trello, and many more

5 Best Web Application Development Programming Languages In 2022


Java is a popular programming language among companies from multitudes of industries. More than 10,000 companies are reported to be using Java, and tech giants such as Google, Netflix, Amazon & Meta are among them.

It’s a class-based, high-level and object-oriented programming language, which is designed to be as less dependent on implementation as possible.

Java is surely one of the top programming languages for web application development thanks to its flexibility, easy UI, reusable code and advanced security features, a must for every enterprise.

Moreover, so many libraries are available, making Java one of the best programming languages for web application development. Its Java Virtual Machine feature even offers high levels of platform independence.

Additionally, Java is updated regularly every 6 months, making it a stable, reliable and trusted programming language.


Javascript is one of the most popular and major programming languages used for web application development. According to the Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2021, 68.62% of developer respondents extensively developed web applications using JavaScript. But what makes it so widely popular? 

Firstly, Javascript is a quite flexible and powerful programming language that most web browsers support. It can be used on both back-end & front-end web application development on both server-side and client-side. This enables it to successfully function across powerful servers & web browsers.

Secondly, there are so many framework libraries available to developers, making it a little less hectic to create complex web applications. Moreover, developers can seamlessly and quickly share the codes between their teams.

Lastly, the release of Node.js in 2009 changed the scenario of coding as developers can code in a universal language manner. This means a single language is used for both frontend and backend.


Python has gained tremendous popularity in recent years because of its versatility and ease of learning. Moreover, Python offers great simplicity of coding, making it easy to code even the most complex structures.

This is the reason for the rise of popularity of Python in web application development.

Python even helps to reduce development time from hours to minutes, saving a ton of time for the developers. It can help create the backend or the server-side of a web app. However, Django, a framework of Python, can also be used to create a full-stack app.

Apart from Django, Python has many other web-oriented frameworks such as Flask, Pyramid, WebApp2, etc.


C# is a faster & more secure variant of C & C++, developed by the same company - Microsoft. Even after more than two decades of its inception, C# is still the fourth most searched programming language on Google, according to PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language Index).

C# is a versatile programming language with a wide range of applications - from developing mobile games to server apps.

It runs on CRL, ensuring easy integration with components (written in different languages). Also, the type safety feature helps the developers to avoid making mistakes at compile & run time. Moreover, the automatic garbage collection feature identifies & removes all the garbage.

With a huge community, many resources & documentation are available, speeding up the development process & making it easy to learn & implement.


ASP.Net Core is a high-performance, open-source, cross-platform framework that features advanced features to help build modern web applications (cloud-based).

It has become quite popular among developers because of its advanced features, efficiency, easier web application development & open-source code. 

Moreover, whenever Microsoft releases a new update or a new package, there’s no need to upgrade the existing framework on your system. It also hosts the feature of reusing the code. It means once the application is developed, you can use the same code again, regardless of the OS.

It offers a faster & more hassle-free experience with its framework as it includes key functionalities like client authentication, form submission or site configuration. It also features MVC architecture (Model, View & Controller), which helps to easily build APIs & custom web applications.

It enables developers to easily code, test & debug an application easily using any of its architectures.

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