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Cloud computing has progressed a long way since its origin. It is no longer a question for any organization whether to choose cloud computing or not. But the question is which cloud computing program they should choose. There are several cloud computing platforms available in the market but Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the ones to be on top. 

Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Web Services all provide outstanding features in terms of computing, management, storage, and multiple other services. Their features match a lot, but they have some differences also. Let’s begin with understanding the concept of three of them. 

Google cloud:

Google cloud is a platform built by Google in the year 2011. It allows us to utilize Google’s products such as Google search engine, Gmail accounts, YouTube and many other facilities. Most people or businesses use these platforms for various activities such as to search things over the Google search engine or to connect with different people using Gmail accounts. You can also watch videos and listen to music on YouTube. 

You just have to connect your system or mobile phone with the internet to use these platforms effectively. One of the best advantages of Google cloud is that it supports several databases like SQL, MYSQL, ORACLE, SAM and many more.

Google cloud also provides you with many additional facilities such as storing your data, data analytics, computing and machine learning. It’s a service that is highly useful for every person or business organization.

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure, also known as windows azure, is a worldwide cloud platform used for developing, deploying and managing services. It also supports various programming languages like java, c++, Html, nodejs, c and c#. One of the best benefits of using Microsoft azure is that it helps to use multiple services without the purchase of any other hardware components. 

It also provides several computing services such as storage of data, software, databases, networking, including servers, and analytics over the internet.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon web service is a cloud computing platform designed in the year 2002. It provides you with a variety of services like software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). Amazon web service is the biggest community and has millions of active users. It also has thousands of active partners globally.

Many companies use Amazon web services to grow and expand their business. It has a lot of features such as flexibility, high security, scalability and improved performance.

Difference between Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services:

Below is the table that shows the difference between Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services:

On the Basis Of

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Application Trial

It practices Cloud test labs.

It practices Devtest labs.

It practices Device farm.


Cloud CDN

Redis cache

Elastic cache


Maximum processor is 96.

Processor can be till 128.

Maximum processor can be 128.

Market Place

The marketplace is G suite.

The marketplace is Azure.

The marketplace is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Media Services

Media service used by Google cloud is Cloud video intelligence. 

Media service used by Microsoft Azure is Azure media.

Media service used by Amazon web services is Amazon services.

API Management

Cloud endpoints

Azure API gateway

Amazon API gateway

Block Storage

Persistent disks

Page blobs


Object Storage

Google cloud storage

Blobs and files


Kubernetes Management

Kubernetes engine

Kubernetes service


Virtual Network





Pricing is done per minute.

Pricing is done per minute.

Pricing is done per hour.

Managed Data Warehouse

Big query

SQL warehouse






File Storage

ZFS and Avere files.

Azures files


Server Less Computing

Cloud functions used for server-less computing

Azure functions are used for server less computing

Lambda is used for server less computing





All of these platforms are used for the same purposes and provide the same services. To effectively choose the right cloud computing platform the best method is by using it first and then choosing it. 

We hope that this article was of some help to you. If you have any doubts, you can communicate with us. We will be glad to solve your doubts

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