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World Democracy Day or International Day of Democracy came into existence thanks to the Universal Declaration on Democracy, adopted on 15th September 1997 by IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union). IPU is an international organization of different national parliaments.

Qatar put efforts in the following years to promote & commemorate World Democracy Day. On 8th November 2007, Qatar's efforts led to the establishment of the day as the UNGA (United Nations of General Assembly), the resolution was titled:

"Support by UN system of efforts of governments to promote and consolidate new or restored democracies."

Importance of World Democracy Day

According to the United Nations, World Democracy Day provide the opportunity to assess how democracy is being instated globally. With the participation of every nation (international community), the ideal democracy can become a reality, experienced & enjoyed in each nation.

Citizens enjoy the values of respect for human rights, equality, freedom, and the power to hold genuine & periodic elections. Democracy is also the key to protect the rights of every citizen, which makes democracy one of the best forms of governance.


Each year, the UN employs a particular theme for World Democracy Day. For example, these were the themes in the particular years:

  • 2013 - Strengthening voices for democracy
  • 2014 - Engaging youth on democracy
  • 2015 - Space for civil society
  • 2016 - Democracy and 2030 agenda for sustainable development
  • 2018 - Democracy under Strain: Solutions for a changing world.
  • 2020 - Covid-19: A Spotlight on Democracy

This allows the international community to focus on different aspects of democracy.

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